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Why Cubed

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Why Cubed Solutions in Leadership

We know that even highly intelligent and competent leaders are challenged by the wide ranging duties and skill set required in large, complex organisations. CEOs and Directors are tasked with augmenting human capital potential, competing with bottom line and functional role focus.

Taking any business to the next level requires leaders that understand and train themselves and others exceptionally well. Utilising every moment, every skill to maximum effect will see that business achieve and exceed KPIs. This will satisfy the personal and professional goals of the leadership team. What if leaders could be supported by an all in one people and culture development ecosystem?

Bill McLellan provides the solutions businesses require.
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Most business owners face a mandate to reduce costs, and often this puts pressure on maintaining and investing in their talented team. Why Cubed ensures the growth of CEO’s and Directors through individual and team oriented executive performance frameworks. We offer data driven, highly effective board advisory, 1:1 and team engagement tools.

We enable organisations looking for organisational development solutions to manage their entire workforce with a comprehensive diagnosis and development framework supported by technology. With a range of tools available, Bill leads human capital potential development transformations that suit SME and large enterprises and become a self-sustaining ecosystem.

 Why Cubed works with scaling mid-tier organisations within Australia and with leading brands globally.


Increase in employee satisfaction


Increase in productivity


Increase in work quality

Human Capital and Profitability

People are often the highest cost in a business and the most fluctuating variable. Organisations keep a focus on their bottom line which is the lagging indicator. Few leverage and harness the leading indicators, the behavioural levers and culture measures. These are the operating system of any business. We partner with the following providers to make this possible.

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    Harrison Assesments

    When people are your greatest asset, augment your insights using a data driven technology which is truly world class.

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    REACH Ecosystem

    Everything you need to turn potential into performance at your fingertips.

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    Engage and Grow

    Accredited in over 12 programs that are suited to help your business create a strong, positive culture and lasting impact.

CEO, C-Suite and General Manager support frameworks for growth and impact within an apolitical setting.

Why Cubed Core Competencies

Organisation development technologies

Real world experience leading a profitable company Commercial advice

Triple bottom line and CSR mentoring

Executive mentoring in confidence

Behavioural effectiveness via predictive analytics

Confidential competency tools

Life work balance mentoring


Our results are best conveyed by those we serve. Our clients are happy to share their experiences and successes with you.


I met Bill at a time when there was so much happening in my personal and work life that at time I felt totally surrounded. I acknowledged that I needed to grow but was not sure how to go about it. Over time and with great professionalism, Bill helped me meet myself and see those I work with more clearly rather than continue blissfully on inaccurate assessments based on time pressures of better and faster.

With Bill's help I have learned new ways to respond to everything and to put boundaries in place that support where I needed to focus. I have started leveraging my strengths more and building relationships with diverse people in my work environment and the result has been fantastic.

I am still working with Bill to do what it actually takes to grow beyond what I dreamed (I am a pragmatist) and being okay with being a novice in some areas but I am "in beta" and getting good at new things and challenges.

Thanks Bill- you are a life changer and I am in your debt and very grateful to all you have shared with me and taught me.

Megan Vercueil

Head Enterprise Mobility | MTN

Bill has excellent & unmatched people and observation skills. Bill's ideas are out of the box & with a perspective that most people miss. A really smart guy with great regard for his people & customers with excellent commercial skills.

Chandni Singh

Director Group PMO Insentia

Bill was well regarded by our clients as a thoughtful and thorough solutions based consultant. He gained the trust of his clients and the stakeholders in the supply chain. Within our business he gained the confidence of our staff and the executive management to foster a consultative staff engagement process to bring out the best in each individual. Bill was insightful in identifying staff that were capable of further development and those who had reached their potential and developed different paths for each group.

With respect to client services, operations and risk management, Bill led the business to identify the appropriate insourced v outsourced solutions that met our client’s needs, within a budget and margin expectations and with insight into both operational & reputation risk metrics. Bill was a key member of the team that identified an Australian Financial Services licence (AFSL) solution for our business that met both the compliance obligations as required by ASIC and met the business objectives to grow a high margin product and service offering.

David Rylah

Power Advisory & Energy Transition Advisor

Bill offered the Harrison Assessment which impressed me for the versatility & relevance in supporting Leaders as well as supporting someone who is considering career change- an amazing tool & the Reports were easy to read & interpret

Bill's style was a wonderful combination of clear delivery & masterful in suggestions for open minded thinking & growth ideas

I recommend Bill highly & welcome anyone to share Bill's wisdom & breadth of knowledge.

Katherine Robertson

Executive Leadership Coach


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