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Bill McLellan - Mentor In Confidence

Leadership on Purpose

Bill McLellan Coach and Mentor

Understanding how people tick quicker is the fastest way to create an exceptional outcome. Bill is committed to creating those insights that ensure business owners make an impact on their own future and that of their people. Bill has learned first hand how to lead, grow and advise teams of up to 60 and a battalion in Angola, through directorial and military experience. While Bill mentors teams, he is an individual who is committed to being a mentor in confidence 1:1 to create a difference in your life. Globally he also has a strong interest in a sustainable future for the planet.

WHY3 Mentoring Metrics

Leveraging the power of the 5 Perspective Lenses framework, various Executive Coaching tools, Harrison Assessment Enterprise Analytics and the Engage and Grow Global Engagement Frameworks, Bill brings leading executive performance frameworks to the engagement.

Business Experience

Bill engaged in sustainability and energy advisory services to C-Suite Executives in ASX 100 listed companies for over 20 years. Within that time, he learned that sustainable outcomes for any business are a function of leadership. The ability of leaders to engage with their people, and how they lead, either makes or breaks bottom line business success.

Coaching Accreditations

Why Mentoring Works

Actionable insights without appropriate leadership amounts to inaction, or insufficient action. Change is uncomfortable and without the right tools, inertia is the status quo. Bill provides both the data to expose needed changes and the skills to transform leaders into action takers.

Bill provides leading edge executive coaching and mentoring both 1:1 and to teams.

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