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Why Cubed and REACH Partnerships

The Game Changing Innovation to Upskill Your People

Would you like to make the biggest difference to your bottom line without taking on unacceptable risk and or failing?

REACH is the only integrated all-in-one people and culture development ecosystem and it is accessed on a flat-rate subscription based on your organisation size.


As a leader, you have a desire to show thought leadership and improve or grow your people's performance capabilities. Understanding how to minimise disengagement and underperformance is crucial, yet the pressures of business may mean that you do not have the time or right tools to properly develop your team. 

The truth is that people development and mentoring is often left to random, ill prepared, on the fly conversations and infrequent reviews. There is a better way.


REACH is a full life cycle HR, personal and professional development tool. This powerful technology shortens the time taken to develop top professionals and staff. 

Simple to use and implement

Track experiences and measure impact

Nominal investment for maximum benefit

Ability to run REACH independently


Why Cubed and REACH Partnerships

Bill McLellan has led multimillion dollar corporate teams and even a battalion, so he knows what it takes to motivate and upskill your team. While we use several key technologies, tailored to your outcomes, these are the clients that we find may specifically benefit from REACH.

We are an SME

We assist the owners or leadership team to upskill and manage divisions or their entire business.

Under 200 people or a subset of a larger business

Sales team

Regional Office

Services teams

Leadership group

We are a Town

You might be an organisational development professional looking for OD solutions. REACH provides an all in one people and culture development ecosystem to benefit your entire division or organisation.

Your organisation or division has 200 -1000 people

Seeking organisational development solutions supported by technology

Need to invest in talent

Eye on cost effectiveness

What is REACH, and what are we measuring?

REACH is the measure of a person’s agility to adapt to different people, tasks, and situations.

Global studies have demonstrated that:

Individuals with greater REACH exhibit higher Emotional Intelligence.

Managers with greater REACH enjoy higher engagement among their direct reports.

Team leaders with greater REACH receive higher performance appraisal ratings from their managers.

Supervisors with greater REACH devote more time to employee coaching.

Sales professionals with greater REACH close more sales.

In short, growing REACH develops transferable skills and improves performance now and in the future.

FAQs Why Leaders use REACH

I’m time poor and my people are important, give me the HIGHLIGHTS in under 3 minutes.

Am I making the impression I think I do as a LEADER, as seen by my team?

Where is our CULTURE strongest and where might we improve it?

How can I be more impactful in my role as a contributor to my ORGANISATION'S SUCCESS?

What can we do to be a HIGH PERFORMING SALES TEAM?

My people keep asking me for a CAREER DEVELOPMENT PATHWAY

What does success look like and what CASE STUDIES are there to demonstrate ROI?

You mean I can take a TEST DRIVE before taking the credit for finding this Organisation Development Ecosystem?


My results are best conveyed by those I serve.
My clients are happy to share their experiences and successes with you.

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