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Day 1 – Group Work

Leaders are having to transform and to think differently about how they manage the new world of Work Life

Understanding ourselves and knowing others (our behaviour – Emotional Quotient “EQ”),

Managing ourselves and managing others (team behaviour - We Quotient “WeQ”) and

Leading ourselves and leading others (Synergising – Synergising Quotient “SQ”) is upon us.

Day 2 – Personalised Masterclass

As technology develops and the divide between human and machine algorithm narrows very rapidly, the use of technology presents a massive opportunity for progressive transformational leadership. This opportunity leverages your impact and influence.

Knowing how we show up as a leader, a manager and as deeply human can completely differentiate a team and a business and transform Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) and lends itself to business success in a world hungry for great leadership.

Each Executive will be debriefed by Harrison Talent Development Assessments Solution Partner and accredited debriefer Bill McLellan


  • Welcome
  • Why Leadership on Purpose
  • Why me?
  • Why now?
  • Leadership Transformation
  • Workshop Objectives
  • Executive Mentoring in Confidence Part 2 Objectives
  • Background
  • Benefits of Enjoyment Performance in practice
  • Your ideal scenario (your role, interactions, current issues)
  • Your reality (your role, interactions, current issues)
  • Leveraging predictive analytics
  • Traits and definitions
  • Reliability Score and implications
  • Trait scoring and scale
  • Life themes
  • Strengths and preferred focus
  • Acceptable areas, willing to do, prefer not to do, strongly prefer not to do.
  • Behavioural Competencies
  • Traits to avoid
  • Leadership Competency Analysis (based on Jim Collins framework)
  • Principles of leadership and the competencies
  • Review of Overview (detailed version to be undertaken during one-on-one session)
  • The importance of self-management, management of others and leadership
  • Neurotransmitters and brain chemicals
  • “Fight or Flight” and the amygdala hijack in Executives
  • Paradox explained
  • Paradox balances
  • Towards balanced versatility
  • The 12 HA paradoxes
  • Paradoxical Behavioural Competencies
  • The key individual benefits of Paradox Technology
  • Team Impact, Group Paradox and WeQ
  • Understanding Employee Engagement and Employee Experience
  • The cost of disengagement and impact on Customer Experience
  • How Engagement impacts the bottom line
  • Employee engagement Expectations
  • Drivers of employee engagement
  • The trade-off between expectations, drivers and supporting behaviours
  • Measuring Engagement and Fulfilment
  • Talent development dashboard
  • Overview of the day
  • Open discussion


This course is aimed at ‘career leaders’ who wish to develop and hone their leadership and management capability using the power and insights of predictive leadership analytics. 

Participants will be required to complete a 20 minute ‘Smart Questionnaire’ prior to the commencement of the course.  The predictive analytics from the questionnaire form the basis of the individual’s leadership development journey.  The reports will also be unpacked with each participant virtually in a scheduled one-on-one debrief which commences after the initial leadership development day.


Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Leverage analytics and the insights to improve your leadership effectiveness
  • Apply the learning to improving executive and or leadership presence
  • Understand and deploy the principles of ‘Enjoyment Performance Theory’
  • Utilise paradox balance insights to continually improve your leadership versatility and uncover blind spots
  • Implement strategies personally developed for you to transform your leadership behavioural competencies
  • Deepen the understanding behavioural analytics as a prelude to the Executive debrief
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