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Independent Advisory Board Chair

Hand holding excellence during trials and tribulations

Bill McLellan - Advisory Board Chair


Bill McLellan Executive Coach

Taking any business to the next level requires leaders that understand their strengths exceptionally well. Armed with real life experience and active engagement, Bill is a leading moderator and thought leader, with abundant experience in business growth and rejuvenation. As an all rounder, Bill is a specialist generalist, with significant experience in soft and hard skills areas.

Bill’s real world experience in leading a profitable company, includes providing commercial advice with triple bottom line and CSR mentoring.

Independent Chair Competencies

Hard skills

Contract negotiations

B2B marketing

Treasury and trading

Energy advisory


Big Data Integration

Key Account Management

Soft skills

Industrial relations and mediation

Organisational development tools

Behavioural analytics systems

Confidential competency tools


My results are best conveyed by those I serve.
My clients are happy to share their experiences and successes with you.

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