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Executive Excellence Program

1:1 and Team Engagement Coaching


We enable organisations looking for organisational development solutions to manage their entire workforce with a comprehensive diagnosis and development framework supported by technology. With a range of tools available, Bill leads human capital potential development transformations that suit SME and large enterprises and become a self-sustaining ecosystem.

 Why Cubed works with scaling mid-tier organisations within Australia and with leading brands globally.

Executive Coaching for C-Suite and Managers

As a CEO you may desire independent advice, but asking for that resource within your organisation may imply inadequate capability. If you can find it, the assistance may be coloured by organisational dynamics, politics and the self interest of the advisors.

Your board may accept the principle that your CEO capability can be enhanced through the Executive Mentoring in Confidence, or this may be a personal engagement.


Why Leaders Need Coaches

Your Board are paying for competency and assume that the CEO can manage all CEO level situations and issues. Yet you are human. Like all of us, you have strengths and weaknesses, or areas that can improve.

We accommodate whole-of-life discussions and not merely commercial advice, so that both commercial and life issues are tackled within a private and trusting environment.


Why cubed

Bill McLellan Executive Coach

Bill McLellan - Mentor In Confidence

Understanding how people tick quicker is the fastest way to create an exceptional outcome. Bill has directorial and military experience, leading, growing and advising teams of up to 60 and a battalion in Angola. Bill loves to help business owners make an impact on their own future, that of their people, and he also has a strong interest in a sustainable future for the planet. Learn more...

Executive Excellence Program


Step 1: Armed with data

Testing / insights / conversation

The rapport between the mentor and the mentee is everything. Our first engagement is key to establishing how we might work together and create a psychologically safe space where we can enlist accountability and immerse ourselves in the high performance ‘learning zone’.

A deeper understanding is gained by leveraging predictive behavioural analytics to draw our attention to the manner and effectiveness of our engagement. This is two-way (I too share my traits and leadership style) and together we determine our vision, values and the why of our engagement.

Step 2: Actionable insights

Understanding the data

The data is then used to highlight nuance in the mentee’s behaviours where maximum benefit, efficiency and effectiveness can be derived. The choice of where to focus always remains that of the mentee.

Step 3: Taking appropriate action


Using the appropriate frameworks, which change according to your need, we create a safe haven to test your theories, voice your concerns, workshop, ideate and definitely have fun too. This alleviates the stress of real life decision making, while allowing a growth in your understanding and personal empowerment.


Step 4: Empowering people

Being able to delegate or balance work / life

Our ‘reason for being’ is a balancing act and my quest for every client is to purposefully amplify personal and interpersonal leadership geared towards perpetually finding balance. The balance of what you love to do with what you are good at, which derives wealth (as defined by you). This is in the context of serving the needs of your broader audience - the balance between what you need and what the world needs of you - your IKIGAI


My results are best conveyed by those I serve.
My clients are happy to share their experiences and successes with you.

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