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Director Mentoring and Coaching

Activating and amplifying purposeful leadership that engages and sustains all living things


Bill McLellan Executive Coach

Bill McLellan - Mentor In Confidence

Understanding how people tick quicker is the fastest way to create an exceptional outcome. Bill has directorial and military experience, leading, growing and advising teams of up to 60 and a battalion in Angola. Bill loves to help business owners make an impact on their own future, that of their people, and he also has a strong interest in a sustainable future for the planet. Learn more...

We know that even highly intelligent and competent leaders are challenged by the wide ranging duties and skill set required in large, complex organisations. Formal education and training of CEOs and Directors does not provide real time and as needed assistance, which leads to a gap between business expectations and natural capability.

Taking any business to the next level requires leaders that understand their strengths exceptionally well. Utilising every moment, every skill to maximum effect will see that business achieve and exceed KPIs and will satisfy the personal and professional goals of the leadership team.

Why Cubed ensures the growth of CEO’s and Directors through individual and team oriented executive performance frameworks. We offer data driven, highly effective 1:1 and team engagement tools within an ‘in confidence’ and personalised environment. We work with organisations and individuals in the top 1% of turnover within Australia and with leading brands globally.

Coaching Accreditations


Increase in employee satisfaction


Increase in productivity


Increase in work quality

Executive Coaching for C-Suite and Managers

CEO, C-Suite and Directorial support frameworks for growth and impact within an apolitical setting.

Why Cubed Core Competencies

Real world experience leading a profitable company

Commercial advice

Triple bottom line and CSR mentoring

Executive mentoring in confidence

Behavioural effectiveness via predictive analytics

Confidential competency tools

Life work balance mentoring

Executive Excellence Program

  • 1

    Armed with data

    Testing / insights / conversation

  • 2

    Actionable insights

    Understanding the data

  • 3

    Taking appropriate action


  • 4

    Empowering people

    Being able to delegate or balance work / life


Our results are best conveyed by those we serve.
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