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Megan Vercueil

I met Bill at a time when there was so much happening in my personal and work life that at time I felt totally surrounded. I acknowledged that I needed to grow but was not sure how to go about it. Over time and with great professionalism, Bill helped me meet myself and see those I work with more clearly rather than continue blissfully on inaccurate assessments based on time pressures of better and faster.

With Bill’s help I have learned new ways to respond to everything and to put boundaries in place that support where I needed to focus. I have started leveraging my strengths more and building relationships with diverse people in my work environment and the result has been fantastic.

I am still working with Bill to do what it actually takes to grow beyond what I dreamed (I am a pragmatist) and being okay with being a novice in some areas but I am “in beta” and getting good at new things and challenges.

Thanks Bill- you are a life changer and I am in your debt and very grateful to all you have shared with me and taught me.

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